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Zoe-Ann Bartlett Speaking Bio

Zoe-Ann Bartlett is an author, keynote speaker, researcher, and curator of transformative stories. For over a decade, she’s brought her visionary wisdom and inclusive perspective to showcase the power of ordinary people, having an extraordinary impact - one table at a time. As the Founder of Intentional Table, and with a background as an award-winning hospitality veteran, chef, and sommelier, she believes “the genius is the gathering.” She is passionate about partnering with influential brands, leaders, and filmmakers who want to give a voice to stories that ignite positive change. 

To learn more about Zoe, visit and follow her @intentionaltable


How Intentional Tables Can Create Perspective, Peace and Positive Change


Many people today are feeling disconnected in their relationships and face divisiveness and conflict, even after trying countless tools and techniques to improve. 

In this talk, Zoe-Ann Bartlett, founder of the T.A.B.L.E. framework, shares a timeless tool most everyone has to foster perspective. Ultimately, it can create peaceful and positive change across diverse global settings, including conference rooms, schools, and communities.

Key Takeaways:

  1. 5-Step framework to embrace a new viewpoint

  2. Four practical and intentional elements necessary for change - and how to make them actionable

  3. Inspirational ideas using stories from her extensive collection 


This talk is for leaders, corporations, and individuals who want to make a positive difference through the power of storytelling.

The Impact of Choice: Six Figures to Baking Cupcakes


Dissatisfaction and disconnection often arise in career and personal settings, leaving people feeling lost and unsure where to look for direction. Zoe-Ann Bartlett, corporate leader and entrepreneur drawing from her poignant experiences and reflecting on her journey filled with challenges and humorous anecdotes, shares:


  1. Her 4-step framework to empower individuals to find confidence and fulfillment through deliberate decision-making

  2. The crucial role of intentional choices and how they shape our lives

  3. The essential ingredients to infuse purpose, alignment, and belonging in the workplace

This talk is tailored for entrepreneurs, corporate professionals seeking change, and those navigating career transitions.

How to Use Storytelling to Transform BIAS and Create Understanding


Bias can significantly harm relationships and hinder progress in our communities, workplaces, and customer interactions. Bridging the gap between the stories we tell ourselves and the actual experiences of others is crucial. Zoe-Ann Bartlett, an entrepreneur and seasoned corporate leader, offers:


  1. An intentional dual perspective framework to leverage bias positively and enhance impact and desired results

  2. The four leadership mistakes that create conflict in the workplace and how to avoid or fix them

  3. The influences that contribute to constructing biases in our communities, companies, and customers

This talk is for leaders, corporations, and individuals who want to make a positive difference through the power of storytelling.