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What we stand for



We are committed to making a better world…one table at a time. A world of being seen and heard.

We collect and curate stories that inspire hope and unity.

We champion curiosity, authenticity, and respect.

We inspire action by choosing the stories that reflect the world around us, and encourage meaningful relationships to develop.

We engage individuals, families, and communities across the globe, and we embrace different perspectives.

You’re invited. Pull up a chair and take a seat.


At Intentional Table, we are committed to making a better world, one table at a time.


To be recognized as a world-class creative team, disseminating our research and stories globally through diverse mediums.


Inclusion, perspective, and love.

Inclusion: The table is an equalizer where everyone can belong. Perspective: The table nurtures an environment where mutual respect for diverse viewpoints are honored and valued. Love: Because that is all there is. And it’s served warmly at the table.


Intentional Table creates hope and unity a through the power of collecting, curating, and storytelling.

TIMELINE Intentional Table

We no longer exist in a single physical space. Instead, our work takes us around the globe, collecting and curating stories of how tables change lives and help build community. In our work, we've had a lot of experience with tables, setting our own and for others. You're invited on our journey and invited to peek at our past work and see how far we've come these past 14 years.


Zoe-Ann delivered her first TEDx Talk in Zimbabwe, Africa, to an international audience, sharing the framework that emerged from her years of research.


We've been hard at work researching, collecting, and curating stories since closing the doors to our brick-and-mortar studio in 2016. We've found the patterns that gathering around tables has on culture, courage, and connection.  Now, we're working with leaders, corporations, and filmmakers who believe in the power of storytelling to ignite positive change - one table at a time.


Our primary mission became focused on collecting and curating stories from around the table - the heart and soul of our new focus. 


As 2016 emerged, we bid farewell to our beloved brick-and-mortar studio. With our lease at its end, it became apparent that it was time to embrace a new course forward.


In a delightful pop, we introduced our very own branded sparkling wine to our repertoire. Considering our penchant for serving bubbles aplenty, it only seemed fitting!


Exploring culinary delights and seasonal specialties, our offerings evolved to encompass a range of immersive experiences:

Culinary Tours Abroad: We embarked on globetrotting adventures to breathtaking destinations, visiting producers at the source to immerse in authentic culinary experiences in Sicily, Cuba, Tuscany, and France.

Pop-Ups:  These exclusive seasonal events included:  
  • Spring: Farmer's Market Tour and Class series: Enriched spring offerings with an engaging local Farmer's Market Tour and Class series, connecting participants with fresh, seasonal ingredients
  • Summer: Champagne and Oyster Bar; Live music and featured wine tastings
  • Autumn: Portuguese donuts & warm apple cider pressed from local island apples


Distinctive Signature Table Experiences were introduced, leveraging our creativity to showcase the finest flavors of the Pacific Northwest in captivating venues across the region. Additionally, we broadened our services to encompass catering, enhancing our commitment to culinary excellence.


By merging a former art gallery with a vacant toy store, we were able to build an intimate food and wine studio. This innovative space served as a hub for cooking classes, featured guest chef and author appearances, special events, and a carefully curated selection of provisions and fine wines.


Intentional Table was founded with a resolute vision deeply rooted in French culinary philosophy. We started with a blog and small events, devoting ourselves exclusively to amplifying the core value of respecting the earth, animals, and the diligent work of farmers and small producers.