Zoe-Ann Bartlett is a curator of inspired culinary experiences. She first appeared on the food scene in 2007 with the opening of Wink Cupcakes in Seattle, Washington. After years of success, she sold the company and created Intentional Table, a food and wine studio on Bainbridge Island that featured events, cooking classes, catering, and culinary tours abroad. It wasn’t long before Zoe-Ann found herself playing host to more than 250 events a year.

Inspired by the joyful bonding each experience brought out, in 2016 Zoe-Ann closed the studio to focus on the next phase of Intentional Table – making it a destination where people of all backgrounds could share stories that happen around their tables. Her first new project, ‘If Tables Could Talk,’ reflects how the new Intentional Table is for everyone who appreciates how meaningful these simple moments can be. In conjunction with this project, she recently launched Love Tiny Bubbles, in the spirit of her love of bubbly and playful celebration of life’s everyday moments.

Zoe-Ann has been recognized and celebrated for her achievements in both the Hotel and Corporate Travel Industries. Her work with Microsoft Corporation earned her the prestigious Association of Corporate Travel's Global Vision Award, and Best Practices in Travel Management by Business Travel News.

Zoe-Ann's culinary studies include a degree in Hospitality Management from Texas Tech University. In addition, she is a graduate of the late Robert Reynold’s Culinary Intensive Program, in France. She also completed studies at the Vermont Artisan Cheese Institute, and continues her wine studies. Most recently, passing the Court of Master Sommeliers, Level 1 Sommelier Exam.




Special Thanks to:

The storytellers who contribute to Intentional Table's project:  If Tables Could Talk

Clare Barboza Photography; Karin Heidemann Design; Brent and Donna Souter, Little Films; Jessica Canfield Photography; Julie Fotos Coaching; and the Doulas.

Our Intentions

Focus on gathering around the table as our way to make a positive impact on the world

Treat each other, the earth, animals & farm workers with respect and dignity

Value the richness of both a humble and a fancy table 

Experience the world…travel changes everything