Intentional Table is a conscious company whose goal is to inspire people to gather around the table. We don’t believe in business as usual and it shows in how we approach our mission, culture, leadership and collaborators. Let’s face it. These are compelling times that demand dynamic ideas to stand out. Which is why we champion curiosity and innovation in everything we do.

Since our humble beginning in 2010, we have focused on projects that encourage people to gather, share food, wine and travel. Now we’re ready for our next chapter – one that’s centered on the heartwarming stories behind it all. 


JULY 2010

Intentional Table begain as a blog and hosting small events focused on thoughtful artisans and producers in the food and wine world. Our goal was to connect those whose values were rooted in supporting the earth, animals, and farm workers with respect and dignity.

JULY 2012

Combined a former art gallery and toy store into a food and wine studio used for cooking classes, guest chefs, authors and special events.

JULY 2013

Added Signature Table Experiences, using our creativity to display the best of northwest food and wine in inspiring settings around the region. We also added catering services.


Added culinary tours abroad. By visiting local producers at the source, we took our love of food and wine and shared it with our groups around the world. 

AUGUST, 2015

Branded our own sparkling wine label


Shuttered the brick and mortar studio. Partnered with Experi for future culinary tours. 


Announced the next phase of Intentional Table with a new project, ‘If Tables Could Talk.’


Launched LOVE TINY BUBBLES. In the spirit of celebration and playfulness.

It has been such an inspiration to watch you envision and breathe life into Intentional Table. What an accomplishment! Your grace, sense of style and sense of mission have been remarkable and have made our lives so much richer. Although we are sad to see the studio close, we look forward to the next evolution and have no doubt that it will be just as captivating as the last.
— PAM S.